Wings Paper

Wings Paper Company has established as an official distributor of Arjowiggins – the world leading manufacturer of fancy papers, in Vietnam. As an exclusive distributor, we are proud to offer the best quality creative papers with many types of surface from smooth to rough, from glossy to matte, from metallic to texture…  Your idea is great, and it is absolutely unique and excellent more with Wings Paper.

Fly high with us – Wings Paper.


Started as a paper manufacturer in France in 1770, Arjowiggins has developed and become a world leading manufacturer of creative papers.  It is the preferred partner and benchmark supplier for designers, printers and luxury advertisers, offering a range of premium papers ranked as genuine international standards on the market.


Arjowiggins Creative Papers manufactures papers for designers, printers and clients worldwide. Antalis makes sure they reach them. As sister companies, they work hand-in-hand to produce and distribute the full range of papers and envelopes across five continents.

Antalis is a guarantee of fast, reliable, secure delivery. It’s also a valuable source of authoritative, face-to-face advice and information on products of Arjowiggins.